No armour caused soldier's death

July 31, 2006

A British soldier died in Iraq because he was not wearing enhanced body armour he had had to give up because of shortages, an official report found.

Sgt Steven Roberts, of Shipley, West Yorks, was accidentally shot dead when UK troops opened fire during a disturbance near Basra in March 2003.

The board of inquiry said bullet-proof plates on his Enhanced Combat Body Armour (ECBA) would have saved him.

BBC NEWS | UK | No armour caused soldier’s death

Vote urged over decisions on war

July 27, 2006

Tony Blair has been urged to scrap the government’s right to go to war without first seeking a parliamentary vote.

A cross-party committee of peers said the vote on the Iraq war in 2003 had created a benchmark, and future decisions should lie with Parliament.

They want the royal prerogative, which lets ministers start military action without such approval, to be changed.

Committee chairman Lord Holme said it was unacceptable that “King Tony” Blair could put soldiers’ lives in jeopardy.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Vote urged over decisions on war