‘Britons don’t mix with other races’

December 2, 2006

According to a poll conducted by Ipsos MORI, a Britain-based research company, white people are far less likely to mix with ethnic minorities than vice- versa.

Seventy percent of Britons surveyed do not have close friendships with people from different ethnic backgrounds, it revealed.

The poll, carried out to launch the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE)’s race convention, showed that immigration and race relations are the biggest concerns facing people in Britain.

“Race and immigration has moved from the margins to the mainstream and is now the number one issue,” said Trevor Phillips, the chair of the CRE.

‘Britons don’t mix with other races’: Indians Abroad – HindustanTimes.com

Black teachers face bullying and racism

September 8, 2006

Ministers are facing calls for a public inquiry into racism in schools after claims from black teachers that they face widespread discrimination and bullying.

A landmark report will call for a formal investigation – akin to the Stephen Lawrence inquiry into policing – to address concerns that black teachers are isolated, maligned and robbed of proper pay and status.

The study, commissioned by Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, links the plight of black teachers to the continuing problem of underachievement among black pupils.

Even many black headteachers feel unsupported and marginalised, it says. Though many praised the help they receive from white colleagues and mentors, others told researchers their colleagues had lower expectations of black pupils.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Black teachers face bullying and racism, survey finds

DNA of 37% of black men held by police

January 5, 2006

The DNA profiles of nearly four in 10 black men in the UK are on the police’s national database – compared with fewer than one in 10 white men, according to figures compiled by the Guardian.

Civil liberties groups and representatives of the black community said this offered evidence that the database reinforced racial biases in the criminal justice system. The Home Office denied this, saying most of the DNA came from people who had been charged and convicted of crimes. Only about 113,000 people who had been arrested but not charged were on the database, a spokeswoman said.

The figures, compiled using Home Office statistics and census data, show that 37% of black men have their DNA profile on the database compared with 13% of Asian men and 9% of white men.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | DNA of 37% of black men held by police