Tense stand-off at trade summit

December 18, 2005

Riot police have fought running battles with anti-globalisation protesters near world trade talks in Hong Kong, in the worst violence there for 16 years.

Protesters with bamboo sticks broke through police lines, until they were forced back with tear gas and batons.Nine hundred demonstrat

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Mass protests at climate change

December 4, 2005

Campaigners in London and Edinburgh have joined a global protest taking place in 32 countries in a mass call for action over climate change.

Thousands marched through London in a protest which ended at the US embassy.

Dozens of protesters marched to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh via the Royal Mile.

The marches coincide with UN climate talks in Canada attended by Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett and Environment Minister Elliott Morley.

The protests were organised by the Campaign Against Climate Change.

BBC NEWS | UK | Mass protests at climate change

Anti-nuclear protest delays Blair’s energy review

November 29, 2005

Greenpeace director Stephen Tindale told Reuters: “We think the country is the victim of a classic New Labour spin operation.

“The prime minister has made up his mind he wants nuclear power and he is trying to soften public opinion up.”

Several Labour MPs are also known to be opposed to a major programme of new-generation nuclear power stations.

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Labour manifesto 1997 – No more new nuclear power plants