Power Blackouts Strike Western Europe

November 9, 2006

An overload in Germany’s power network triggered outages leaving millions without electricity on Saturday night.

Romano Prodi said there was a “contradiction” in having a unified power network but no central authority.

Power failed first in Cologne, Germany, before shutting down across parts of France, Italy, Spain and Austria.

Belgium, the Netherlands and Croatia were also affected.

“My first impression is that there is a contradiction between having European networks but not having a central European authority. It is somewhat absurd,” Mr Prodi said.

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London hit by rolling power cuts

July 29, 2006

Thousands of people in the heart of London today went without power as faults and extreme heat forced EDF Energy to shut down service.

The power cut led to the closure this morning of Oxford Circus tube station, one of London’s busiest, although underground trains were running normally.

The station reopened after four hours.

Soho, with its myriad restaurants and bars, was also affected as EDF cut power for four hour in selected areas on a rotating basis.

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