Big families are bad for the environment

July 16, 2007

A report from the Optimum Population Trust – a thinktank dedicated to reducing population growth and its effects on the world – has called on families to consider the environmental effects of having multiple babies.

It argues that the majority of families should restrict their babies to no more than two since it is “no longer responsible, or environmentally friendly, to bring three, four or more into the world”.

John Guillebaud, co-chairman of the Manchester-based thinktank and an international family planning expert, said that by choosing to stop having children after the first two, couples could become more eco-friendly and help send a message to the world that Britain wants to consume fewer of the earth’s resources.

This highly controversial report has been met with mixed responses, with Rosamund McDougall, a member of the trust’s advisory council, supporting the report’s declarations and urging parents not to get carried away with the idea that Britain is adopting a similar stance to China’s ‘one child per family’ policy.

Bounty News – Controversial report says big families are bad for the environment