Sainsbury’s says ‘immigrants better workers’

October 13, 2007

Immigrant workers have a “superior” work ethic to British employees, according to the supermarket giant Sainsbury’s.The company said it found immigrants to be more flexible and happier with their terms and conditions in employment.

It added that employing migrant workers in its stores often had a positive impact on the domestic staff. Sainsbury’s was giving evidence to a House of Lords inquiry into the impact of immigration.

In a written submission, it said that it had greatly increased the number of immigrants it employed over the past two years and would likely continue to do so in future.

It said: “We have found migrant workers to have a very satisfactory work ethic, in many cases superior to domestic workers.”

We believe this results from their differing motivations — they want to learn English, or send money home to their families.

“They tend to be more willing to work flexibly, and be satisfied with their duties, terms and conditions and productivity requirements.

Sainsbury’s says ‘immigrants better workers’ – Telegraph

Immigration corruption 'is rife’

July 27, 2006

The immigration system is “shot through with incompetence and corruption” and should face a full independent inquiry, says Conservative Damian Green.

It comes after newspaper reports an immigration officer was helping asylum seekers remain in Britain for cash.

Home Secretary John Reid said the claims would be investigated.

But Mr Green, the shadow immigration minister, said it was clearly not an isolated incident and there should be a full independent inquiry.

His call comes after an immigration official allegedly told an undercover Sun reporter he charged up to £2,000 for helping people to get refugee status.

He also claimed he helped asylum seekers of other nationalities pretend they were Zimbabweans because the Home Office had a ban on deporting people to Zimbabwe,

BBC NEWS | Politics | Immigration corruption ‘is rife’