History A-level may become a thing of the past

August 10, 2007

History is in danger of disappearing as an A-level subject, according to the head of the body representing UK exam markers.

Kathleen Tattersall, the chairman of the Chartered Institute of Education Assessors, warned that the subject was facing replacement by “so-called soft subjects”, such as media studies and photography, and others that were more likely to lead more directly to employment.

“They have been the growth subjects in the past few years,” she told The Independent during an interview. “What people will want to study is what they need for a job,” she added.

“History is disappearing because it is no longer a requirement of the national curriculum for 14- to 16-year-olds. It is just one of the subjects that is at risk.

“History is also disappearing into the new citizenship, which is being promoted by the Government.”

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