Blair used spin to justify Iraq war, says Blix

March 13, 2007

Tony Blair and his government “exercised spin” in exaggerating the case for the war in Iraq, the former United Nations chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, said in an interview broadcast today.

Describing the conflict as “clearly illegal”, Mr Blix, who led the UN search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq until June 2003, refused to specifically accuse the prime minister of open deceit.

However, he said pre-war intelligence such as the UK government dossier which claimed Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and could deploy some within 45 minutes, appeared to have deliberately overstated the case for war.

“I would never dare to accuse any statesman of bad faith unless I had absolute evidence of it. I do think they exercised spin,” Mr Blix told Sky News.

Blair used spin to justify Iraq war, says Blix | Iraq | Guardian Unlimited