Relaxed gaming laws will cause damage

August 12, 2006

GAMBLING is likely to become one of Britain’s most serious addictions by 2026 because of relaxed gaming laws and new betting technology, the Government has been told.

A report for the Department of Trade and Industry says that the Government has not paid enough attention to what long-term effect its new gaming laws will have on the public.

Britain’s laws, it says, will have problems keeping pace with technological advancements in gaming, including internet gambling, spreadbetting, fixed-odds betting terminals and betting via mobile phone and television.

These new forms of gaming suggest that gambling is likely to become a widespread and damaging problem in the next 20 years.

Of particular concern is spread-sheet betting, which, the report says, can leave gamblers with huge losses.

Relaxed gaming laws ‘will cause extensive damage within 20 years’ – Britain – Times Online