Insider reveals lax security at bio-lab

August 14, 2007

A WORKER has raised concerns about bio-security at the state-owned research complex where the foot and mouth outbreak is believed to have originated.

Percy Ravate, a contract worker, was struck down with life-threatening Legionnaires’ disease, which he believes he caught while repairing pipework at the Pirbright complex in Surrey.

He said basic health and safety procedures were flouted, he was allowed to roam around laboratories and security measures such as checking visitors were not enforced.

His allegations came as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) continued investigations into a senior scientist at the complex who had an allotment neighbouring the field in which the first case of foot and mouth was identified. He had been using chemical drums – thought to be from the complex – as plant tubs.

Insider reveals lax security at bio-lab – Times Online