UK has 'dangerous booze addiction’

August 4, 2006

Britain is developing a dangerous alcohol addiction, with drinkers in the North most likely to binge, researchers claim.

Experts warn that Britain has gone from a nation “enjoying a harmless tipple” to one developing “a dangerous alcohol addiction”.

At least 18 per cent of adults binge at least double the daily recommended level in one or more sessions a week.

UK has ‘dangerous booze addiction’ – News –

Britons lead the way in drinking related deaths

January 7, 2006

A study has found Britons are drinking themselves to death at a faster rate than people anywhere else in western Europe.New research shows liver cirrhosis rates are soaring in the UK while falling in other European countries.

In the 1950s England and Wales had western Europe’s lowest rates of deaths from liver cirrhosis, which in developed countries is caused primarily by alcohol poisoning.

But in the 1980s and 1990s cirrhosis mortality rates rose by over two-thirds in the two countries – and more than doubled in Scotland, which now has one of the highest rates in Europe.

Lesley King-Lewis, chief executive of research charity Action on Addiction, said the new research was “further proof” that Britain’s drinking culture was seriously damaging the nation’s health. – News