Almost 350,000 elderly have been abused

June 14, 2007

Hundreds of thousands of elderly people have experienced some sort of abuse, a new report has found.

The UK Study of Abuse and Neglect report found 342,000 people aged over 66 have been victims of abuse, ranging from financial fraud to emotional abuse and even assault.

The report, comissioned by the Department of Health and charity Comic Relief, said 105,000 elderly people had suffered ten or more separate instances of neglect.

The figures, compiled over two years, are based on a survey of 2,000 people who live in their own homes.

The majority of abusers, 53 per cent, were living in the respondent’s house at the time of the abuse.

Of those, 65 per cent of perpetrators were recorded as having committed “interpersonal” abuse, meaning physical, psychological or sexual abuse was cited.

ITV News – Almost 350,000 elderly have been abused


‘Half a million’ elderly abused

February 8, 2007

Half a million elderly people in the UK are suffering some form of abuse or neglect, according to Help the Aged.

A major survey by the charity claims they face physical, emotional, sexual or financial mistreatment.

But campaigners say that, despite the size of the problem, more than one-third of people have never heard of elder abuse.

And a quarter of those questioned admitted they would not know how to spot if an older person was suffering.

BBC NEWS | UK | ‘Half a million’ elderly abused