Increase in serious crime by offenders on parole

Public confidence in the supervision of high-risk offenders released from prison suffered a fresh blow yesterday with the disclosure that 83 have been charged with a further serious offence, such as murder or rape, in the last year.

The figure for 2006-07 compares with 61 high-risk offenders who committed further serious crimes while under the supervision of the probation and police services in the previous year.

The Ministry of Justice figures show that 12 of the 83 were among the 1,249 offenders categorised as level three – known as the “critical few” – and under the highest levels of supervision.

The publication of the figures revived the argument over the quality of parole, probation and police supervision in cases such as Anthony Rice who murdered Naomi Bryant, and Damien Hanson and Elliott White who killed city banker John Monckton while under supervision.

Increase in serious crime by offenders on parole | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited


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