Schools are failing pupils, admits minister

The government has admitted that 800 schools are letting pupils down by failing to achieve basic exam standards in what amounts to an unacceptable “waste of talent and potential”.

The admission from the schools minister, Lord Adonis, that a quarter of England’s secondary schools are failing to meet the government’s own targets for GCSE results prompted fury from teacher groups, who accused the minister of writing off good schools by changing the measure of a successful school.

Lord Adonis told a conference of private school heads today that less than 30% of 16 year olds at these schools were achieving five or more good GCSEs, including English and maths.

“The waste of talent and potential this represents simply isn’t acceptable for the future,” he said. “Parents rightly expect better, and so must we as educators and government.” He added that while some were improving, others were “not improving fast enough to give parents confidence”.

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