UK is ‘king of convenience meals’

More ready meals are sold in the UK than anywhere else in Europe, and the country’s appetite for convenience food is still rising, a study has found.

The UK already spends £2 billion on ready meals, more than Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

And market analysts Mintel predict that the UK market will grow by another 25 per cent by 2011 to £2.6 billion.

Mintel’s Eating Habits study suggests the creation of healthier ready meal ranges – often called “good for you” – have tapped into a healthy eating trend which has boosted sales further.

Michelle Strutton, a consumer analyst for the company, said: “Mintel’s research shows that the UK is still king of convenience.

The ready meals market in the UK is by far and away the most advanced in Europe.”

Channel 4 – News – UK is ‘king of convenience meals’


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