Hospital kitchens ‘failing’ hygiene standards

Almost half of hospital kitchens and/or canteens in England could be failing to meet cleanliness and hygiene standards, according to a survey by the Liberal Democrats.

Of the 377 hospitals surveyed, nearly a fifth kept food at the wrong temperatures or in unsafe conditions, while 11 had problems with vermin.

Problems such as cockroaches and mouse droppings in kitchens, medical waste on food handling equipment and poor personal hygiene in staff were also reported.

In addition, 173 hospital environments displayed poor cleanliness, 68 fell below the legal requirements for food storage and 107 did not have correct food safety documentation.

Norman Lamb MP, Liberal Democrat shadow health secretary, said: “These findings paint a shocking picture of hospital food hygiene in this country. It is simply unacceptable that such terrible practices are taking place in an environment where hygiene and safety should be paramount.”

Hospital kitchens ‘failing’ hygiene standards | Health Insurance magazine


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