PFI hospitals ‘hit patient care’

Debts racked up by hospitals under the Private Finance Initiative (BFI) hit patient care, says a leading member of the British Medical Association (BMA).

Dr Jonathan Fielden, chair of the BMA’s consultants’ committee, told BBC Radio 4’s File On 4 that the debts are distorting “clinical priorities.”

And even supporters of PFI say it could lead to the “wrong services in the wrong places” for local patients.

Dr Fielden is concerned that with hospital trusts owing millions of pounds to contractors under PFI they struggle to finance these long term deals.

He cited the example of University Hospital Coventry where the NHS Trust had to borrow money to pay the first payment of £54m it owed the private contractor involved in the PFI deal.

BBC NEWS | Programmes | File on 4 | PFI hospitals ‘hit patient care’


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