‘Disillusioned’ surgeon quits UK

A 52-year-old award-winning surgeon is quitting Britain to work in Switzerland and blames “disillusionment” with the NHS for his decision.

John Petri, an orthopaedic specialist at James Paget Hospital in Gorleston, Norfolk, will leave next month.

The doctor cut waiting lists and won a Medical Innovation Award in 2005 for a “dual surgery” technique for the hospital serving Norfolk and Suffolk.

He wanted other hospitals to use the technique but he says it was shunned.

In the theatre anaesthetists at the James Paget Hospital prepared the next patient while he was operating on another.

He said: “I found I was wasting time between operations so I came up with this solution. Now I don’t waste any time and I have no waiting lists.

“I was hopeful my solution would be taken on by other hospitals.”

BBC NEWS | England | ‘Disillusioned’ surgeon quits UK


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