Lack of sleep ‘is creating a zombie nation’

The rise of sleeplessness in increasingly sophisticated economies such as Britain could lead to the creation of a “zombie nation”.

Scientists fear that this lack of sleep could sap the ability of Western society to develop the next generation of technology.

Because of the rise of cheap labour in countries such as China, there has been an increasing emphasis in the West on the ability to innovate.

The Chancellor, Gordon Brown, said he wanted Britain to lead the world in science.

But yesterday an eminent chronobiologist told the Cheltenham Science Festival, sponsored by The Daily Telegraph, that a “zombie nation” could sleep walk to economic disaster.

If given the chance, we spend more hours sleeping than doing anything else.

Symptoms of deprivation range from weight gain to irritability, hallucinations and depression.

Lack of sleep ‘is creating a zombie nation’ | Earth News | Earth | Telegraph


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