Britain’s energy policy is a mess

Britain’s energy strategy is an incoherent mess which is unlikely to ensure future supplies or succeed in fighting climate change, according to a report by academics published on Monday.

“Britain’s energy policy just doesn’t stack up. It won’t deliver security. It won’t deliver on our commitments on climate change. It falls short of what the world’s poorest countries need,” the leader of the Oxford University Taskforce report on energy security, politics and poverty, Chris Patten, said.

The former minister said the government’s latest attempt to patch up its “hotchpotch” of energy and climate change policies — last month’s Energy White Paper — only highlighted the mess.

The report says Britain still has no coherent strategy for replacing the one third of electricity generation which is soon to be retired, much of it nuclear, leaving companies unsure of what to build and therefore building nothing.

The report’s panel said that policy on energy security, climate change and development aid is muddled and ineffective largely because it is handled by different government departments all pursuing different goals.

Report says Britain’s energy policy is a mess | Top News | Reuters


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