Nearly half households need two salaries

Almost half of UK households require more than one salary to maintain an acceptable standard of living, a new study claims.

Research from Scottish Widows found that 44 per cent of families were dependent on two or more salaries to pay the bills and live comfortably.

This figure rose to 49 per cent for families raising one child, and 51 per cent for households with two children.

The study reported that the levels of household debt also increased with children.

The average two-child household is saddled with more than £100,000 in mortgage and unsecured debt, it found.

This compares with families with no offspring who have around £82,000 in secured and unsecured debt.

According to the study, even though many families rely on more than one salary, a large proportion have not set aside enough “rainy day” money to help them in the case of redundancy.

More than a quarter of those questioned had no savings at all, while a further 25 per cent had banked less than £3,000, figures showed.

Channel 4 – News – Nearly half households need two salaries


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