Modern life ‘has turned children into loners’

Children are struggling to make friends at school because they spend too long playing computer games and listening to MP3 players, according to teachers.

An increase in “solitary pastimes” has damaged children’s social skills and fuelled feelings of loneliness among a generation of young people, they say.

The findings, in a survey of primary teachers by Save The Children, come amid growing concerns that the toxic mix of modern life, including exposure to electronic entertainment, junk food and over-competitive schooling, is poisoning childhood.

More than 70 per cent of teachers said that increased use of games consoles, mobile phones, the internet and MP3 players has harmed children’s ability to interact with their peers.

A third said that, since they started teaching, they had seen an increase in the number of pupils who struggle to make friends and more children who stand alone in the playground or classroom.

Modern life ‘has turned children into loners’ | Uk News | News | Telegraph


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