NHS ‘to let war veteran lose sight’

A war veteran who is facing losing his sight because the NHS will not pay for treatment to save it says the decision would leave his disabled wife “stranded and helpless”.

Dennis Devier is already blind in one eye as a result of Wet Age-related Macular Degeneration and now faces total blindness unless he gets a course of new drugs which halt the disease.

But Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust have ruled that they will only pay for the anti-VEGF treatment, which targets the growth of the protein in the eye that robs sufferers of sight, in “exceptional” cases.

They have decided that the Henley 84-year-old’s situation is, “not considered exceptional within the context of other cases”.

Fearing for the care of his wife Frances, who is in her 80s and can barely walk, he has spent more than £8,000 of his savings on private treatment.

The former RAF flight engineer said: “What’s happening to me is completely outrageous. I’m told I’m not a special case despite the fact that I’m going blind, my wife is disabled, and I’m her carer. If I go blind, she will be completely stranded and helpless.”

Channel 4 – News – NHS ‘to let war veteran lose sight’


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