Organic group slams junk-food family restaurants

The menus of popular family restaurant chains like Nando’s and Pizza Hut are still full of junk food, despite schools’ attempts to promote healthy eating among children, according to a survey on Thursday.

“With lurid names like Candymania, Malteser Munch Madness, Mini Chocolate Challenge and Triple Treats dominating the menus, children’s health comes second,” says the study by the Soil Association.

Not one of the 10 chains surveyed by Britain’s leading organic food body came close to meeting new school meal standards set by the government.

Even the average children’s meal at top scorer TGI Fridays contained more than double the school meal maximum saturated fat content, the survey said. TGI Fridays scored 16 points out of 30.

Organic group slams junk-food family restaurants | Science&Health |


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