Families ‘sent soldiers supplies’

Soldiers serving in Iraq were forced to get dehydration powders sent from families in the UK after supplies ran out, an inquest has been told.

Oxford Coroners’ Court heard the claims during the inquest into the death of TA Private Jason Smith, from Hawick.

One of his senior officers said that soldiers were working in heat that “even the locals couldn’t bear”.

Pte Smith died of a heart attack brought on by heat stroke while serving in Iraq in August 2003.

Temperatures at the time regularly topped 49C, the inquest was told.

Sgt Maj Ewan Stuart said it was essential to keep sugar and salt levels topped up with the electrolyte powders – readily available in UK chemists.

Supplies of the powder solution had run out in the first two weeks of August, he added.

“Captain Marshall was getting electrolytes sent by his mother to dish out to the soldiers,” he said.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | South of Scotland | Families ‘sent soldiers supplies’


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