Mission to save planet is ‘failing’

The world scored an abysmal two out of 10 for its efforts in trying to save the planet from environmental mayhem this year.That is the stark view of the World Economic Form (WEF), which has blasted governments for failing to make progress on global warming and on the safeguarding of the world’s endangered environment.

Few countries have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions, and the US continues to ignore the Kyoto climate treaty, the forum points out. As a result, the annual check-up from the Forum’s Global Governance Initiative gives the world only two points out of a possible ten on ecological issues.

‘Climate change is already exacerbating malaria, malnutrition and diarrhoea throughout the world,’ the forum warns. ‘The world’s poorest people need sustainable managed ecosystems to preserve their livelihoods, and scarcity of natural resources can fuel violent conflict.’

The Observer | International | Mission to save planet is ‘failing’


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