No choice over nuclear – Beckett

Nuclear power may have to be embraced in a bid to combat climate change even though it is not a “sustainable” energy source, Margaret Beckett has admitted.

The environment secretary said she was very reluctant to build new nuclear power stations, but that she had “accepted that it could happen”.

But Mrs Beckett said any investment in nuclear must not be at the expense of renewable energy sources.

An energy policy review is set to be announced early this week.

BBC NEWS | UK | No choice over nuclear – Beckett

I always remember as a kid watching all the CND marches on TV and how Nuclear Power was bad and we weren’t going to open any more plants. Well we didn’t bother coming up with enough alternatives, so now we have no choice.

After all, those wind farms just spoil the view don’t they, and solar panels make your house look silly. Who needs sustainable energy anyway?


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